About Sara Lashay


In an age that is marked by the pulse of speed, much that aims to satisfy the demand for perfection, individuality and uniqueness is lost. Traditions merge into the pool of ever new possibilities and become lost in the here and now. SARA LASHAY focuses precisely at the point where tradition and modernity clash.

Her handmade jewellery combines intricate traditional crafts with our era of ambition and colour. It is tradition that determines the present.

Here's a little peek into Sara Lashay world...

Tell us about the story behind Sara Lashay…

I used to work in Emirates Cabin Crew in Dubai. There was a lot of travelling which was great and it gave me the opportunity to see many beautiful places in the world. However, I moved to Germany few years ago and since I couldn't work in Emirates anymore, I took some time off and thought about what I really wanted to do. I didn't necessarily imagine that I would become a jewellery designer, but I'd always loved the idea of visual creativity so I enrolled in a jewellery design course and studied for two years. While I was studying, something just clicked in my head and my passion just grew for jewellery design. The course allowed me to learn all the important skills and knowledge I needed to launch my own brand and Sara Lashay was created!

What is the ethos behind the brand?

I'd sum up Sara Lashay as feminine, whimsical and contemporary romance. Most of the designs are rather detailed and with their variety of colours and combination of materials, these designs have multiple references to various personal experiences and inspirations. I have realised that it's just not about the product, but about the whole vision and direction of my brand and I hope my creations encourage women who wear them to stand out rather than just "blending in".

When designing, what inspires you?

Inspiration can come from anywhere at any time; it can be a detail from a painting or from seeing someone in the street mixing styles in an extraordinary way! When I design any collection, I always think about what the woman wants from her wardrobe and how she can complete her look with a unique piece of jewellery. I am also immensely inspired by the colour combination of flowers, butterflies, autumn leaves and the undersea world. There's just so much inspiration everywhere and I try to absorb everything around me and and jot down new ideas in a notebook. You'll never know when these little ideas turn into a stunning piece of jewellery!

In the near future, what can we expect to see from you?

Definitely more statement pieces of jewellery; wearing a statement piece that looks great makes women feel special and confident. I think that fashion is all about expressing individuality and feeling good when you wear something, so my aim is to design pieces which are as unique as the person wearing them. At the end, what really matters most to me is a constant effort to improve my designs from the last collection and create something a bit more special every season.