How to care

Here are some tips to keep your Sara Lashay Jewellery looking beautiful:

Gold plated Jewellery

Gold plating is a process of coating a base metal, like brass or sterling silver, with 18k, 22k or 24k gold. To keep your gold plated jewellery looking beautiful, avoid wearing it in water, exposing your jewellery to chemicals, perfume etc. Do not wear your jewellery while doing sport or sleeping.

Sterling silver

Tarnishes when it comes in contact with oxygen. The best way to prevent this is by wearing your silver jewelry often. The oils from your skin will help prevent tarnishing. If you do see some tarnishing, you can polish it with the jewelry polishing cloth or clean them with a little bit water and liquid soap.

Please do Not store your jewellery in the bathroom. Always store your jewellery in a dark and dry place. The best way is to store your jewellery is using your Sara Lashay boxes or pouches.